" I will - I can!"



We have accepted the moral obligation to endorse the natural affection of the young for personal perfection, exceeding the limits of standard educational programs. We find processes in the World demanding new personal attitudes, more so in the new millennium. A complex physical, emotional and spiritual development through applied science, arts and sports leading to the rediscovery of oneself, and the unity of past-present-future.


Our activity is basically centered on:

  1. A 4-step program for personal perfection labeled "EARTH-WATER-AIR" including RPG, special training facilities, practice and tests in the fields of self-defense, fencing, horse riding, arms handling, swimming and scuba diving, yachting, windsurfing etc.
  2. Program "Security of Coastal Areas", focused on ecology monitoring, study and preservation of cultural legacy, protective and recovery activities in reservations, areas protected by the Law and parks.
  3. Touring activities such as expeditions, camping etc.
  4. Survival program - training for survival in extreme surroundings and situations, and behavior in crisis cases as well as nontraditional self healing techniques.
  5. Creating "Groups for prevention" on the territory of the whole country with the involvement of few Ministries (Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Waters and Ministry of Culture), State Agency "Civil Protection" and non-government organizations.
  6. Developing , together with the International School of Security, a constantly working system for training instructors with schools in Varna and Nesebar and a University faculty /branch of Institute for Civil Protection in Tula (Russia).
  7. Production of video films aiming popularization and education meant to popularize and educate the audience in the area of self-development, safe way of living and prevention.
  8. The campaign about preparation of two regional programmes during the summer 2005 year for North-East Bulgaria and for Black Sea:
  9. An extending participation from ISDC ”Dako Dakovski” into the regional programme for prevention in the city of Varna and an adaptation of basic activities from the Programme with an aim –spreading them into other regions (and an inclusion into a future regional programmes).

For these purposes we have the total devotion of our experts and instructors as well as the necessary support of authorities.