1. A preparation of a complex training during the summer of 2005 year with Bulgarian and Romanian specializing institutions and ungovernmental organizations for working off of preventive and rescue activities (the co-ordinator – service of “Fire and average safety” in the city of Ruse).
  2. A participation of the experts from ISDC”Dako Dakovski” into the preparation of the military-historical demonstrations in connection with the 560 anniversary since the battle near the city of Varna, the 800 anniversary since the Adrianopol’s battle and the 200 anniversary since Austerlitz.
  3. An anniversary “Meeting of generations” in the city of Varna on the occasion of the 40 anniversary since the founding of the ISDC ”Dako Dakovski” on the 10 Oct. 2004 year.
  4. Set up from ISDC ”Dako Dakovski” an interdepartmental work meeting on questions about an education of a prevention for students under the patronage of general Kiril Vooinov (Sofia – November 2005 year).
  5. A participation into a work meeting with a team from the Ministry of the youth and sport about problems of the youth’s activities and the projects during the 2005 year.
  6. Starting of the trial shoots for a film from the Television school “Europe” – “The challenge” on the12 Dec. 2004 year.
  7. A seminar with the experts from the International “School for safety” (the city of Tula – Russian Federation) over in common activities during the 2005 year (December – January 2005).
  8. A realisation of the first stage îf the project Television school "Europe":
  9. Carring out camps with secondary school students since 15.august till 14 september (Rouse, Albena, Primorsko, Sunny beach).
  10. A participation with a student's contingent in the command-staff training in the city of Viatovo under the observation of the minister F. Hiusmenowa, Civil Defense, Fire Department, Red Cross and others (etc.).
  11. A participation in the National festival "Photoholidays" in the city of Primorkso (6-15.september2003 year).
  12. Organizing of a Summery school about "The Bases of the safety life”(BSL) with students from Warna, Russe and Bourgas. Twelve exercises competitions, a first assistance, a water salvation, a defence under(against) disasters(calamities), wrecks, accidents and terrorism, an autonomous survival and practical all-army disciplines. (15.july-10.august 2003 year).
  13. Starting the first stage ot the preparation for war-historical demonstrations during 2004 year in honour of the 560-anniversary ot the battle between the crusades and the Turks near Warna.Trere is research for areas, places for camps of the participants, supplying centers and communications. Trere is foresight about participation into horse's and infantry groups from the participant's countries - Rumania, Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Croatian, Turkåy. There is preparation for a attendant's educational programme and the cultural-historical connections into the unity of past, present and future.
  14. A "Course for Safety" was conducted from 30th June till 30th September 2002 for children with mental and physical disabilities. In order to improve their integration they were in groups with healthy children.
  15. Joint field practice was organized for children from Varna and Bourgas region for protection from disasters, accidents and terrorism (23rd August 2002).
  16. Continues the survey of areas and preparations for implementation of projects for 2003.
  17. Familiarization of regional offices of Fire and Accident Safety, Civil Protection and "Social order and security", and the directors of Varna region schools with the activities and projects of International school for safety and its branches in Bulgaria. (17th October 2002 - Varna).
  18. Talaso-therapeutic researches with team from ISDC on Black Sea resorts (1st May - 30h October 2002).
  19. Theatrical historical reconstructions and demonstrations in newly built complex "Fanagoria" near Varna.
  20. Patrol endangered coastal areas, indexing and marking dangerous places (November 2002 - April 2003).
  21. Making inquiries and interviews in order to study people's motivation for education and taking part in preventive actions.
  22. Courses of safety and prevention were organized for students from Varna, including disciplines from the twelve exercises competition (November - December 2002).